Why my co-workers think I'm 'special'

Ever have a moment where you read over what you've just written and realize why your co-workers think you're a little touched in the head?  I just did:

This coder is new to me.  This means I can't vouch for his development style.  I have no idea if he uploads barely-finished dev versions expecting the userbase to do major crash-testing, or if he is cautious and only makes code available right before a stable release, expecting only minor tweaks from the userbase.  3.x could be barely usable or it could be almost finished.  Dunno.

Later on...

How to tell your code is a hack

A sign that, perhaps, that your coding isn't going the way you hoped:

# This can only be described as a godawful, vomitous,
# appalling hack. I hang my head in shame. But it really
# does look like I can't just pull events for a single
# 24-hour day, but instead have to resort to godless
# ugliness such as this. To whoever reads this after
# me: you have my abject apologies. Hope you never
# have to modify this mess.