One very real cooking disaster

I just realized something. My statement about cooking disasters in my previous post wasn't the funniest cooking disaster ever.

Date: March 1, 2001. That day's entry was entitled 'All your Pyrex are explode to us.' My favorite line: "I've destroyed a lot of kitchen things over the past two years, but I've never made a pan explode before."

I present four pictures from this horrific event, which quite frankly speak for themselves:

All your Pyrex are explode to us.

Today's adventure: braised ribs for dinner, right?

Wrong. We got to go to Rosie's.

Believe it or not, the Pyrex pan that I was using in the oven to braise the ribs….exploded in the oven. I kid you not: exploded. Jess took pictures, but she hasn't uploaded them yet. (I'll post them here when she does.)I can't believe the damned pan exploded in the oven. I'd put it in there not five minutes before, and wandered to the computer room to check email. I heard a *pffft*—sounded like the liquid was boiling over—so I went into the kitchen to check.