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I present the following to you without explanation or context. It needs neither.

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Penrose quilting?

Like I needed a new obsession.

On Friday afternoon, Jacob introduced me to Penrose tilings, which were entirely new to me. I was completely fascinated, running off in a multitude of directions to learn about things like 'aperiodic tilings' and tile patterns in Islamic architecture, and by Saturday I was hooked.

Accidental (Quilt Top) Tourist

My quote from yesterday: "I think I accidentally made a quilt top today." The short story: I did something to my right leg on Saturday - seems like a minor quadriceps strain - and since Jeff was out of state all weekend, I opted to stay home and stay off my leg to let it rest.

Idle minds...

...find the equilter scrap bag and say, OOOOH I WONDER WHAT TROUBLE I COULD GET INTO -- LOOK! COLORS!

Wherein the seamstress falls over and snores

This is not a real update. This is a set of three photos carefully constructed as a plausible update.

This is the next-to-last night I'll have to work on Das Blinkenlights, as I have a four-hour appointment with a longarm quilter on Saturday morning. Regardless of what the quilt thinks, she's going under the needle on Saturday because Sheila is NOT getting any less pregnant by the day.

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How to make a blinkenlight!

I recognize that St. Patrick's Day, the day of gluttonous boozahol-ing, is perhaps the wrong day to announce this, but I would like to make a proclamation to my friends: STOP HAVING SEX. I know it's fun and all, but Tenzing wants you to know that he can no longer churn out the baby quilts fast enough to keep up with my rapidly-multiplying set of friends, because you know what it's driven us to do? Yep: take a longarm quilting class.

Das Blinkenlights

15 March 2010 to 3 April 2010
Chris and Sheila
Drunkard's Path ... sort of
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Completed and given away

The baby quilt for Chris and Sheila, made with the leftovers from Discothèque plus fabric they had on-hand. I promise I'll put a better photo here when I'm further along...

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