This is why.

I got a bit of a surprise tonight when I checked my camera's card. I knew someone had picked up my camera during Lexie's shower, the shower in which I showed 'star stories' for the first time, but I never checked to see what photos were on it. Photos after the jump.

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Plus eight or minus ten

Well, I have my initial answer for the quilt design:

Ready, set, technoquilt!

I have little of use or consequence to say, but I'd like to note that all of the stars have been brought to the end of Stage One: Partial Assembly.

See these, down at the bottom of this photo?  All sewn now, baby:


The quilting table is back in business, on a very different project than the one I just finished.  'Red shift' contained a very limited color spectrum (crimson fading to black) and I'd hoped that my next project would be a bit more colorful and free-form.

I've gotten my wish.

Smaller beds next time

Some of you will remember back in November when I mentioned I was working on a quilt I called 'red shift.'

I am cheating and showing pictures ahead of time, but I am aware that neither of the recipients are reading blogs right now, as the female half of the duo is recovering from serious, albeit planned, surgery. (She's doing well.)

Here's what has had me obsessed since November.  All photos from the set are now public.