Closet thoughts

I didn't totally feel like losing my lunch on the Day of Tornadoes™ until the meteorologist said in a panicked tone, "This is a large wedge tornado..." and paused to get a fix on where it would hit next. He rattled off the names of the middle school and the high school and said, "I think it's going to come right between them...if that's where you are, you need to be in your safe place RIGHT NOW."

Care to guess where my house was?

My life in a single photo

John Wilson's photo pretty much sums me up right now:

In for a penny, in for a pound...

I spent a good chunk of the Super Bowl continuing repair work on the 1880s scrap quilt, Oregon Trail. It's been a bit disheartening at times; I keep reminding myself that everything I fix means this will be a better and stronger quilt when it is finally finished, but I've reached that psychological point where I'm ready to just be done with mending the damned thing already, and getting the reward of moving on to quilting it.

scalpel of choice

I've been a bit remiss. I have been working on a quilt project but haven't been posting about it. I have been taking photos, though.


I did finally finish the top for 'Linus' but the only photo I have of it right now is a crappy fluorescent-lit shot:

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Restarting sewing?

I've been thinking about 2011. It's not going to be the year I had planned. I've been watching a lot of my well-set plans evaporating away -- DrupalCon Chicago might happen if Jeff is stable, but London's probably off the table -- and thinking that I need new plans.

I'm probably about to resume sewing; I think I'm ready. Initial targets are Eat this Quilt and Linus.