Closet thoughts

I didn't totally feel like losing my lunch on the Day of Tornadoes™ until the meteorologist said in a panicked tone, "This is a large wedge tornado..." and paused to get a fix on where it would hit next. He rattled off the names of the middle school and the high school and said, "I think it's going to come right between them...if that's where you are, you need to be in your safe place RIGHT NOW."

Care to guess where my house was?


I've set up a page at for some of the questions I get over and over when I'm working on quilts for someone. I wanted to demystify a bit of the terminology and process of making one. I've told people that for te most part it's more painstaking than difficult. You don't have to be a technical master, but you do have to be accurate in your cutting and sewing.

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