I bet this goes over well.

Background to this email: Jeff's and my 10th anniversary is in late July. We found out last week that instead of the fall, as we'd been told, my mother's wedding would actually be on Saturday, August 2 in central Arkansas. We had made trip plans months ago, which required changing in order to make it to the wedding. (It's about a 7.5-hour drive each way from Huntsville to my hometown.)

The last part won't go over well. I have little doubt of that.

Mom -

Twitterlog for January 2, 2008

  • 12:38 AM PT: [cat.net] homecoming. - http://domesticat.net/node/1437
  • 10:15 AM PT: Best. Repacking. Job. EVER. I'm afraid to breathe on my bag lest it explodes.
  • 11:49 AM PT: Last meal in Seattle. Subway by the airport.
  • 12:46 PM PT: Last coffee in Seattle.
  • 12:52 PM PT: As I walk the airport I think: hoodie, hiking boots, coffee. I think I have my answer.
  • 12:54 PM PT: At gate, hoping I'll sleep on the cross country flight.


Just after midnight, Pacific time. We've played our games of Munchkin, I've infected Debbie with a fascination for the card game Set, and our night is done. I'm not packed, but all the Gessamans are in varying stages of bedding down for a long winter's nap.

It's time to go home.

Twitterlog for January 1, 2008

  • 12:07 AM PT: The west coast slackers have finally hit 2008. Happy new year to any of you who are still sober.
  • 12:41 AM PT: I see you, @crazybutable - hugs to you and your girls. :)
  • 1:55 AM PT: Quiet chat with @adamrg, now snuggled up under greatest blanket gift EVAR. Warm toes and hands? Happy Amy.
  • 8:57 AM PT: Boiling water for tea. Soon, reading as the house wakes up.

Twitterlog for December 31, 2007

  • 11:48 AM PT: Coffee and donuts at Tim Horton's, followed by hugs goodbye. I waited far too long to see these friends.
  • 11:57 AM PT: Crossing bridge in Surrey. Decemberists on the iPod, and a quiet grey sky. Content.
  • 12:24 PM PT: Easiest border interrogation ever. Welcome back to America!
  • 2:26 PM PT: Lunch w/a friend of Adam's whom, I learned, already knew me through my blog!
  • 5:06 PM PT: [cat.net] Pacific time - http://domesticat.net/node/1434

Pacific time

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite photos of Brad.Brad

How to put this. How to say it in words. How to damp down thought, impression, compulsion into mere vocabulary, and leave it out for the world to see.

I hugged Brad, and I made a squeaky noise. When I had awakened earlier that morning and realized that I would see him and Alice that day, I realized it had been too long since I had seen them. Years too long.