blinky lights.

"Okay. Now it's time to head into the computer room and play the ever-popular game of 'How Many Blinky Lights Are There?' You have a guess?"
— Amy

Wow, takeover and domination of two different sites in less than 24 hours. Was it my birthday and someone forgot to tell me?

But seriously, folks. This is Chris, better known as Duckie to some of you, here to let you know that our beloved domesticat has been having what she likes to call a "rubber-ball modem" for the better part of the past week. In other words, little to no net access, hence the lack of posting here on and such. To assuage the multitude of rumors I've been hearing, allow me to set the record straight:

  1. Dead? Nope.
  2. Ran off and joined the circus? Sorry.
  3. Become a nun? Ha!

I assure you that at this very moment, she is alive and well, snuggling with two furry kitties, and perhaps a book or four. Maybe sleeping. I don't know. Rest assured, she will be coming back at some point—with a vengeance!

Until then, you have the esteemed honor of being stuck with me. Bwahahahahaha!

This message has been brought to you by the Duckie Domination Corporation[tm].
"Taking over the world, one website at a time."

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You know...there are SO many comments that I could make about you dominating ANYTHING but I figure I will be kind since you are a guest writer for So...are you going as the prom Duckie or the regular schoolboy Duckie for Halloween? I suggest prom's more suiting. Heh.

no comment. ;)

We don't want comments, we want PHOTOS!!!!!

*snicker* So should we have a game? What would Duckie do?