To-do list, August 10, 2004

Since you wondered (or, maybe, you didn't) about what life is like the month before 'con, here's a slightly-explained description of what's on my 'con-related to-do list right now:

  • change Bob's email address from (old) to (new) when he contacts me and says bellsouth got his line fixed (msg board, mailing list, staff db)
  • make full staff listing sortable
  • all multi-slide bits must be animated as commercials and you are capable of doing this yourself
  • talk to Jake about screenshots needed from b5
  • check Lucas' slides from last year for reusability
  • the mix-and-match smoothie recipe on that page is tasty but less banana next time
  • Contact Gen, make arrangements to shoot Fendel Sassoon on-site Thursday at 'con
  • news promos and last year's commercials go to track rooms
  • create a this-is-DCTV introduction - series of slides or live-action explanation?
  • find out what camera setup the Tennessee Goon Squad is bringing to 'con
  • announce tutorials for Ops and soundboards (both Thursday, yay Kong and Jyn)
  • print and bring the microphone sleeves as well - per convo 8/9/2004, B needs 4 not 3
  • Brian: we have to credit Freeplaymusic per terms of the contract
  • post Marriott map photos to private area of techops once cleared with Morning Bob
  • has Republicans For Voldemort t-shirts, saying "fictional elections deserve fictional candidates." I think I'm going to cry now.
  • No, this ruling makes me cry: "A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld a 1998 Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys in the state, ruling the Constitution doesn't include a right to sexual privacy."
  • For the mass-email page:

    where email IS NOT NULL - a condition for all, if no email why mail?

    based_from (mails people based in one area)

    shirt (if NULL, they have not updated their stafflisting, wankers)

    not_attending_2004 is true (those who aren't showing up)

    not_attending_2004 is not null (those who ARE attending)

    loadin_2004=1 (brave souls working load-in)

    loadout_2004=1 (insane souls working load-out)

    spy=1 (our spies who help us but who officially work in other areas)

    command=1 (Thomas' designation)
  • post link to this entry sometime before 'con
  • why are the Adult Swim music bits not working right on Brian's computer?
  • buy black skirt and black tights to go with the unshirt and last year's boots of evil
  • Sew the damn skirt yourself - it'll be cheaper, and kilt-style isn't that hard
  • put boning/grommets in the wench bodice once the boning arrives
  • arrange to borrow Joyce's bolt cutters to cut said boning…the things I do for costumed boob squishage
  • All adult swim slides should drop to the final "[dragon*con TV]" slide at 2 sec remaining
  • cough up extra copy for the FOX News spoof
  • cats to vet for yearly shots
  • email Jess: discuss geek feeding 2004
  • pray I haven't missed anything


You forgot a couple: - get the moon on a stick - turn water to wine

That's next week, dearest.

Wench bodice? Sigh. If only I was having a ren-fest wedding.