August 2015

angles of light

My time in Portland marks the first time in my life living anywhere other than a humid subtropical climate. Relocating into a temperate zone has forced me to rethink my relationship with the sun, in ways both expected and not.

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August 8, 2015

New pentagon in town!

Unsurprisingly, several people reached out to me to say HEY NEW PENTAGON AMY, DID YOU SEE? I love you. You know me well. 

There are two kinds of people fascinated with the idea of finding shapes that can fill a two-dimensional plane: geometry professors, and quilters. What's weird, and sad, is that they aren't really talking to each other. I've corresponded with a few of them, and as far as I can tell, there are quite a few mathematicians who are working on these problems, but the number of quilters playing with the end results likely can be numbered on my fingers and toes.

August 15, 2015

Cat's Cradle

6 June 2015 to 29 August 2015
Auction for House of Dreams
Carpenter's Square
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Completed and given away

Dear quilting world -- we need to talk. Now. We need to talk about why an amazing, comprehensible, gorgeous pattern isn't ragingly popular. Say hello to the Carpenter's Square pattern.

I don't have to sell you on this pattern, because it sells itself. It's a striking, unforgettable design, more so because it's not being made very often due to lack of patterns. Odder still: this pattern is old. By leaning on the research of others, small variants on this pattern appear to date back to at least 1880-1890. Some examples:

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August 29, 2015