partially processed quality signage product

See this sign, currently located eastbound on Madison Blvd. Read the sign carefully.

A transcript of a phone call I placed to STG Outdoor (256-536-1568) just now:

We have our next victim on line one...

When I checked email after making dinner tonight, I found what was the start of this not-quite conversation. Perhaps I should have pursued it harder. It would have been funnier if I had.

Vote early, vote often

On this Election Day I come to you out of sorrow, fear, and this growing urge to register nothing but a protest vote. Geof has reminded me that I can choose to not vote on whichever races I don't feel are worthy of my vote, and suddenly my ballot begins to take on worlds of new sarcastic meaning.

Dear Friends,

Your truck might smell of rice ...

If you need to put not one, but five, Planet Audio stickers on it

If your camper shell has an emblem on it that could only be described as a flaming squid

If you think changing the taillights and wheels on your Nissan V6 makes it look faster


I received the following email this morning, and given its urgency and importance, felt that I should both reply and make my reply available to you, the loyal readerbase of

Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 22:50 -0800
To: webmaster [at]
From: Katherine Rappaport [katherinerappaport [at]]

web sites can do more damage than women (part II)

I never expected this guy to show up again. I have to wonder, was last time's tongue-lashing not enough for this guy? I'm starting to think that this guy is just a glutton for punishment. That, or he's not scoring nearly as often as he'd like us to think he is.

Again - this is his real Yahoo screen name. Can't say that I feel the need to change it; this guy needs protection far beyond a level that changing his screen name would give.