Coming soon: Tales From the Furlough

I'll spare you all the gory details and give you the roundup; after round one of layoffs at the library, all full-time employees will be taking two one-week furloughs, one in second quarter 2009 and the other in Q3 2009. I'm looking at using my Q2 furlough to head west to do some Drupal work with some friends. My Q3 furlough is likely to take me to Seattle. Plans are still nebulous on the latter one, though.

Nebulous yet nefarious, I might add.

date night

Date night is a bit overblown for what we do. If what you're doing is more accurately described by "grabbing chow" instead of "going out for dinner," consider throwing the moniker 'date night' out the window.

On our way to Jason's Deli for sandwiches and salad bars, Jeff mentioned Stephenie's tweet. We weren't the only people we knew heading to see Benjamin Button that night.

Fountain & Monaco PicturesFountain & Monaco Pictures

[Fountain & Monaco Pictures by my coworker Tamara]

The Monaco has tapped into something that was missing here in Huntsville: stylish, art deco, with the kind of plushy amenities you never really realized you were missing in your theater. Go up the staircase to the 21-and-up section, get the boozahol of your choice, and settle into the leather rocker recliners with armrests big enough for both you and your neighbor's arms.