Say Yes, Let's Go

26 January 2010
Adam and Brenda
Mariner's Compass
Level of completion: 
Cutting fabric

I've been mulling this one over for a while. Adam has always had such a strong, clean, simple design aesthetic, and as a result I ripped up more designs for this quilt than any other I've ever attempted.

Everything was too complicated.

A year ago I learned how to make itty bitty stars. They were okay, but not great. My skills have improved since that time. I've learned the basics of appliqué. I feel more confident in my construction ability.

How to make a quilt in just 17,364 easy steps!

Some people have a bucket list. I get the general idea but I find the approach depressing. I'd rather think of the process of life instead of focusing on its endpoint; as a result, I refer to my list as a Life List.

#5: Successfully complete a Mariner's Compass quilt.