6 May 2010 to 14 November 2010
Hallie and Remy
Grandmother's Flower Garden
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Completed and given away

This quilt will have a very long gestation period. This is the second of two sets of quilt pieces that Hallie is letting me finish. These are entirely hand-pieced in white thread by someone with very neat and clean hand-sewing, and the fabrics are 1930s -- many of them are probably feed sacks. Like 'Continuity,' Hallie's family thinks these were made either by her great-aunt or her great-grandmother. Any more specific information has already been lost.

Stumped. Ideas?

I admit, I'm more than a little stumped here. I've promised to make a kid quilt for someone (long story why I'm being fuzzy on details, but it is intentional) and I've got a set of fabrics to work with, but oh am I unsure of what to do. Care to meet the players?

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The things we carry

He made me promise.
"One for you."
"Yes. I promise."

I bought the pattern - 'Bricks and Stones' in her parlance, 'the white librarian' in mine, and after resizing and redrafting, I knew it was time to do something unusual.

I really liked this design that redpepperquilts had for sale on etsy. ('Bricks and Stones' quilt pattern) I bought a copy, even though I knew it was for a lap-sized quilt, and I'd need to adapt it to get the bed-sized quilt I wanted. It's a really fun idea, though.

Some quick drafting in Illustrator later and I've got the general plan; I chose a 72' square quilt because 72 is a multiple of 4, 6, and 8.

Haven't started it yet; it's in the queue, though.The 'White Librarian' -- plans

['The "White Librarian" -- plans']

bright, bubbly, bawdy

I haven't sewed much this week. Getting ready for Wednesday's rollout at work consumed most of my energy; by the end of each night, all I wanted to do was turn into a little couch lump. Dragging myself to the sewing machine wasn't a high priority; rest and antacids were.

It still feels a little strange, knowing that I'm actually keeping this quilt once it's done.

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Where's your sash, Miss America?

Definitely progress. It lacks horizontal sashing, and the final border, but this is very nearly a finished quilt top:

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Too sleepy to sew

Sunday afternoon. I've done almost no sewing this week; I've been mentally drained out of proportion to my actual physical tiredness. Jeff and I took our first stab at geocaching yesterday with mixed results, but we intend to try again; today we caught a morning matinee of 'Sherlock Holmes' and then made a quick grocery run before heading home.

Jeff sleeps right now, having stayed up a good chunk of the night while the storms were rolling through. The cats, fed, are hunting for warm places to nap. A good Sunday, overall.