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Trip planning was eating my brain last night. Last night it led to:

  • Spoken politenesses in Danish
  • Photos of train ticket vending machines in Amsterdam
  • What? There are no dedicated post offices in Amsterdam?
  • How much does it cost to mail an international postcard in the UK?

and then there's my favorite ... the damned SIM cards. 

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intended consequences

I don't know who among you reading this will be shocked and who will stand up and yell ABOUT DAMN TIME, WOMAN.

I've been facing this decision for some time, and through a multitude of tiny steps I inched my way toward it, nailing it down by unofficial degrees, but never being brave enough to take a step that would commit me fully and financially. I seeded the ground earlier this week, not explaining to my friends what was going on but saying "if I don't commit by the weekend, beat me senseless."

Back from convention-land

Oddly, it wasn't as horrible as I expected. I think I half-expected the potential housekeeper to come in, blanch at the horror, and say in hushed tones, We can make it right ... for a price!

It wasn't anything like that, really. We talked about the square footage of the house, and we talked about how frequently I needed help, and some of the crazier chores I needed help with, and what day of the week was best.

Remember me? I live here

It has been a hectic few months. Travel enough and you have this constant, vague sense of displacement; wake up, and you wonder for a moment, where am I today? You are frequently a timezone ahead, or a flight behind, or some combination of the two, and every hotel room has an alarm clock that works in a slightly different way.

spaces between

I finished the top for Pentagon papers tonight. I don't have any photos, because it's dark and it's late and it's Friday and ... do I really have to make more excuses here?

... yeah, thanks.

I need to flip the quilt top over, trim any seam allowances that are too large, and then press it ... but of course, pressing it means re-filing all of the fabric that I've pulled out this week to finish PP. It does seem like every round of tasks comes with seventeen codicils these days, but it is what it is.

Pentagon Papers

7 October 2011 to 26 December 2011
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Completed and given away

Travel looks glamorous for the first thirty seconds, especially when it's work travel. New places! New things! The implication of being skilled enough that you need to take your skills to the people who need them!

Except it isn't really like that. It's looking at your cats and saying, "Shit, honey, I'm so sorry. Please don't bite the cat-sitter. I have to go to the airport again…"