Die Hard XVI and other crap: now playing Huntsvegas!

While in Atlanta, I took pains to route my schedule around movie showtimes. I've had a couple of people ask me why I'd do that; my initial response is to answer, "The lack of variety available in the Huntsville theatre market."At the current time, there are 4 theatres in the Huntsville area.

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Eat my way through Atlanta? Never!

Atlanta, land of yuppie grocery stores. While here on business I've made the most of my time: learning streets, getting lost, getting found again, and snapping up tasty goodies from the local grocery shops.

Variances, respectability, and techops

The incredible variances inherent in people never cease to amaze me, and never more so than when I trek to Atlanta. The town itself both compels and repels me: the traffic, the arts scene, the incredible southern acceptance of varied cultures, the horrid traffic, the excellent restaurants and shops, the upper-crust hauteur…and the techops folks.

We have returned!

Admit it—you thought I'd vanished.

It's ok, I promise. You're to be forgiven, as I am usually quite regular about commenting on the randomness that life throws on my doorstep.

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Last theatre on the right.

As Gareth's workload didn't ease up on him today, I ended up driving alone down to Birmingham to see the 3:50 showing of Memento.

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New pictures for your perusal

Ok...more snapshots of life going on its merry way. View and be appropriately amused.