Livesnark the debate goes national!

It's not just the locals ... twitter users everywhere are using the service to livesnark debates and other current events.

Current TV (available on Dish Network, DirecTV, and other places) will link up people posting to #current on Twitter during the debate by broadcasting those tweets on-screen.

Arkansas, Day 1: Mom's wedding

Tweets from the day of Amy's mother's wedding in Arkansas.

Arkansas, Day 0: Planes again?

Amy packs up, leaves Washington state, and flies to Arkansas. Culture shock in 3...2...1. 24 hours of travel tweets.

Seattle, Day 9: Welcome back...

Final full day in Washington state. Tweets from Seattle, day 9.

Seattle, Day 8: Civilization, bah!

When writing these blurbs in advance, I realized I had no idea what this day would hold. Tweets from Seattle, day 8.