Muxtape and photos for July 2008

I've updated my muxtape with some songs that have been stuck in my head over the past month or so.

What? That's not enough for an update for you people? Hmph. Okay then. Then how about photos from the Bleu, Sandra McCracken, and Derek Webb show I attended with Geof:

Photos from Burritt Museum

I hauled myself out of the house on a gorgeous, clear Father's Day and drove to the eastern side of Huntsville for an afternoon of photography.

Photos after the cut, so as not to make my entire front page explode. Full set is available on flickr as usual.

My two favorites:

Wendy demoes the new lens!

I got my new toy last night -- the Nikon 20mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens. We're still sniffing each other and making friends, but Wendy was nice enough to let me shoot three photos of her over lunch today that give a pretty good idea of how different the world appears through each of these lenses.

Shot with my trusty Nikon D80 across the table, using ambient light and with no real attempt to do anything except point and shoot.

First of May!

I think we should declare May 1 to be Jonathan Coulton Day. This will make perfect sense to any of you who have heard this song. Words, general sentiment, etc. not suitable for children.

Great. Now I have to get some OTHER song in my head. I'll let you know when that happens.

Oh, and for those of you who missed her this weekend in Atlanta, this is what my mother looks like:

4.5 years later...

A dozing moment of insight brought some of my photos back to me.

I have been on a photo hunt for months now. The goal: find as many of my photo originals as possible, and lodge them on flickr. I was unhappy with storing them on domesticat, and decided it was well past time to archive them in one place.

I had considered the originals of my Sedona photos lost. Not any more:

Quickest photo shoot ever

This entry is partly to test a code fix and partly to grin at the results of this morning's photography.

BJ asked me on a Tuesday morning if I needed any more photos soon.  I saw her in the break room a couple of hours later while I was carrying my camera, and asked if I could shoot her today.  We agreed that the sequined awesomeness needed to be shared with the world.#37 - Sequined awesomeness

BJ is a favorite and consistent photo subject of mine. I got an excellent headshot of her for a print piece I worked on a couple of months ago, but I had to cut her photo out of the finished piece due to space constraints. It made me sad, because her photo was excellent; it was just trumped by two better photos.

This morning, she saw my camera bag and said, "Think you'll need another shot of me sometime soon?" I told her that I might, but that it would be for a very different project.