On this yesterday...

Last night, in the bathroom, having traipsed there with drinks firmly in hand, Eleanor and I were noting that we'd somehow, through the vagaries of time and distance, become wedding-and-funeral friends. I haven't seen her since my father's funeral, and she hadn't seen Dan and Stephanie since Jeff's and my wedding seven years ago.Some things about us have changed.

Some most emphatically have not.

Better version, acquired years later, at, the lot of you (low-res version)

Here's us, being dorks in formalwear, seven years ago when Jeff and I married. Yep, that's me in the wedding gown, all long hair and glasses. If you look to your left, you can see two people hiding under the skirt of my dress. The one in white is Kara, and the one in green is Stephanie. On the right-hand side of the photo, back in the back, Dan is in a green shirt and doing his best to be seen over jowilson.

Or, if you want a more standard photo, there we all are again at the wedding rehearsal. Dan and Stephanie are front and center.

Birthday shawl

This is a shawl salvaged from a pattern gone desperately, desperately wrong. We're talking "throw the unfinished project across the room and screech out loud" wrong. I'd started working this yarn in an Irish net stitch, which looks like a large series of interconnected X's with open areas in between.

The cats get proof at last.

I'd just like to note that if you search for "cat abuse" on, is the fourth result.If you like, see the original post. It contains a truly graphic photo (which you can click on to get an even larger version of the graphic abuse they undergo here at this house).

Yes. Abused severely. I suppose someone should rescue them and … uh … ok, I'm out of ideas here … anyone want two obscenely large cats? They're friendly, really, except when they're not.

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Proof positive that you get what you asked for:

Proof positive that you get what you asked for:

Knitting in fishnets! All the cool goths knit Continental-style.

It was quite a trick, disguising the reddish-blond hair and eyebrows under makeup, wig, and borrowed clothes. (The things we do for dragon*conTV taping!)

Autumn winds always drift me into yarn shops

A roundup of links that have no real bearing whatsoever on anyone who isn't me, but which, when collected, bear a vague resemblance to a substantive post:

Usually what's fun & educational for the kids in Atlanta entertains the kid-minded adult, so this list of interesting free-ish kid stuff to do in Atlanta appeals mightily. There's plenty-o-nifty in that there town.

I'll huffle and I'll puffle...

…and if you're patient, you'll end up with a scarf.Scarf #2 in the Make Harry Potter Scarves For Friends project is now done. Silly me forgot to take a photo of scarf #1, which was a Slytherin scarf that was a stealth birthday present for a friend, in that "You just thought I was making this for someone else, didn't you?" kind of way I'm so bad at.

Update, 28 June 2005, Wesley's Slytherin scarf. … thanks, Mary, for the photo.