fever dreams, part 3

Days of elevated temperature: ten. Though, it should be noted, today was the first day my temperature never hit 100°F. Progress!I have seen the inside of my lungs, and they are bright yellow. We'll just leave it at that. No part of my body should be bright neon yellow. Yuck.


"Hey, Brian wants us to meet him for lunch."

(sleepy mumbles of agreement)

"I'm working on 'enthusiastic.' Right now I'm to 'awake.'"

So I guess we'll meet up with Brian after all.

The elements of drama

Feed on Feeds just dished up Chris Petrilli's link to "The Elements of Drama." [worksafe]

This chart can only be described as disturbingly detailed:


There is silence, scented with bergamot, and a cup of tea that more than one friend has told me whose leaves smell "more like a big sweaty guy named Earl than some proper English tea called Earl Grey."

In the past month, the angle of the sun has changed enough that the guest bedroom now sees bright slats of midafternoon light. For the sixth autumn straight, the cats have made it a point to sunbathe and drowse amidst the motes. They doze in tangles of brotherly paws and tails, kitty-snoring into each others' ears amidst the fresh-folded laundry.

ovarian return to sender

Recently overheard by the dust bunnies in the computer room:

An un-eavesdropped conversation

Unfortunately, these are not direct quotes. My sleep meds are kicking in (i.e., very tired Amy right now), and this conversation happened this past weekend. But they're close enough, and you get the idea.