Three to get ready, now go cat go!

My last day at the library will be October 14th.

After doing nine (nine!) interviews with Acquia, I will be joining them as part of their support team. I suspect my start date will be November 1.

Yes, that was the trip to Boston. No, we aren't moving. I'll be in Boston periodically, but I'll be working from home.

It was a surprisingly emotional and painful decision. Even with two months to think about it during the interview process, it was never a simple choice.

More soon. I need chocolate and a hug. Or a drink. Or something.

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Does this media setup make my living room look fat?

So let's compare. The kitty tilework on the upper left side of each photo serves as a nice reference point for height in these two unequal photos.

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Welcome to stage three

(This entry is friends-locked for obvious reasons.) Someone commented recently that I'm talking mostly about quilts these days. If you read between the lines (or have had lunch with me recently) you are aware of what's going on in my life. Work has not been the unmitigated hell that it was two years ago, but I am now in a place I never expected to be.

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Eat This Quilt

26 May 2010 to 18 August 2011
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Completed and given away
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This is another quilt that will wait in the wings for a while. It's been waiting for a while already, and can wait a little while longer. The fabrics were a gift from Jacob, who last year hunted for a set of fabrics that would challenge me.

In our friendship, we've adopted the acronym OCP to refer to Iain Banks' penchant for referring to unexpected, difficult problems as "Outside Context Problems." Meaning, problems you simply aren't prepared to solve easily or quickly.

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Banner trouble ticket day

Moments like these are why my co-workers settle in to read my trouble tickets with amusement:

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I sent this through my work account just now. It makes me angry that such things even have to be said at all.