Coming soon: Tales From the Furlough

I'll spare you all the gory details and give you the roundup; after round one of layoffs at the library, all full-time employees will be taking two one-week furloughs, one in second quarter 2009 and the other in Q3 2009. I'm looking at using my Q2 furlough to head west to do some Drupal work with some friends. My Q3 furlough is likely to take me to Seattle. Plans are still nebulous on the latter one, though.

Nebulous yet nefarious, I might add.

digital distractions

Jeff and I have talked off and on this week about work distractions. I've been having a lot of them lately, and it didn't hit me until a couple of days ago that they had something to do with my level of frustration at work.

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Work stories: I share because I love

Restricted to logged-in users only for obvious reasons:

Can the [name redacted] form on [the company intranet] be modified so "Enter" does not submit the form?  It would be  nice if it required a click on the Submit button, then I would not submit so many incomplete forms.

Somewhere in heaven, a web designer just lost her wings.

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A little library will love you for it.

I normally don't do this sort of thing, but I want to ask a favor of my book geek friends.

Are you planning on going to Barnes & Noble anytime soon?  If you are, a moment of free kindness on your part can help out a library system I care a lot about:

Barnes & Noble and the Huntsville Library Foundation have joined forces to give you the unique opportunity to get holiday gifts for the booklovers on your list... and support the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library in the process!

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Why my co-workers think I'm 'special'

Ever have a moment where you read over what you've just written and realize why your co-workers think you're a little touched in the head?  I just did:

This coder is new to me.  This means I can't vouch for his development style.  I have no idea if he uploads barely-finished dev versions expecting the userbase to do major crash-testing, or if he is cautious and only makes code available right before a stable release, expecting only minor tweaks from the userbase.  3.x could be barely usable or it could be almost finished.  Dunno.

Later on...