Bathroom discoveries

First, when I went into the bathroom a few minutes ago, I found a pen. Because of what was on it, I know who it belonged to. The pen was screen-printed with many different fonts, and the message read, over and over:

Jesus Is Y2K Ready!

I'm desperately trying to be kind here. I'm failing miserably. Look, I respect everyone's differences, and will fight to the death to ensure that everyone is allowed to worship as he or she chooses—but dammit, I can't help laughing if your slogans are dumb.

(C'mon, folks, it's nearly September 2000 already—give up the Y2K stuff and go crawl back into your caves.)

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DINK-y designers ponder getting hired

Tonight: sushi at the local sushi bar. Whee! Service was glacially slow (actually, glaciers were quick in comparison) but the four of us—Margaret, Katharine, Jeff, and myself—had a fine time playing with our chopsticks and telling bad jokes and making fun of previous employers. It was a good thing. I'm sure the people at the next table were wishing we'd shut up, though.

Good news. I've been working through a temp agency for several months now, trying to finish out my contract so that the company I was working AT could make a hiring offer for me. They did so today. Even though I knew it was coming, it was a bit of a relief to finally hear the words "We'd like to bring you on staff permanently."Granted, I know I'm good at what I do. It's just that sometimes, well, you doubt every now and then.

The complicity of the human heart

I have a few minutes left before the end of my workday, so I'm going to sit here, look occupied, and type out today's random thoughts. I promise that I'm over my depravity from yesterday; it would take a while to explain why in the world I posted what I did, but suffice it to say, it was just one of those things that, once you heard about it, is hard to get off your mind.