Undertow: strategies for life

The answers are: nowhere interesting, nothing much, thanks. How about you?

I've spent a couple of days buried pretty deeply into the greymatter hacks/mods portion of this site. Seems like every time I do that, I come out two days later with no desire to touch any kind of HTML for a while. If nothing else, it's subsumed the urge to create new designs for at least a few days.Since Tuesday, I haven't touched any kind of design. I think that's the strongest evidence of how much the events in New York have shaken me—they've stopped my creative process for the time being.


Edmund has apparently decided that, despite our trimming his claws an hour ago, we're still worthy of being shown his cute and cuddly side. As I type, he is lying in his accustomed perch to my right, curled up in a position that is neither on his side nor on his back, but a combination of the two. He has a paw draped over his nose in an attempt to block out the light from the ceiling fixture.

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Site updates, changes, errata

Edmund sleeps on my desk; therefore, all must be well.

I do have a couple of skins-related site updates to pass along. For now, I've given up the ghost, and decided to make the 'nautical' skin available, despite the fact that it only fully works in IE 5.5.Don't get me wrong—it's readable in Mozilla as well, and if you never plan to go past the front page, you'll never feel like you've missed a thing. But the blasted dropdown menus don't work properly, and until I find some code that makes it work in both IE and Mozilla, I'm a bit stuck. Blerg.

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Green-card kittens

Occasionally I have to remind myself that to Tenzing and Edmund, everything in the world makes perfect sense. It's only the humans, who have this daft notion of 'logic,' that get confused about things that are perfectly normal to those inhabiting the feline world.


Stomach, down.
Globular compression
between 250-count percale
and unyielding rib.
Chin over pillow
in the dark,
blue lines on white sheets,
pointing, headboard to footboard.
Arms outstretched, encircled,
You, a half-sleeping reach
to draw breath scented
of my shampoo.
In the nearsighted world
between undress and sleep
I can only wonder
at your previous life's price
which purchased a rebirth
as the most spoiled creature
in my household.


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