To-do list, August 10, 2004

Since you wondered (or, maybe, you didn't) about what life is like the month before 'con, here's a slightly-explained description of what's on my 'con-related to-do list right now:

Assessment #2

After a week's worth of missed connections, Val and I were finally able to meet tonight for my second assessment. (The results of the first assessment are still online.)

I can't say I'm terribly surprised: there was progress, but not nearly so much as last time. In the 62 days since May 6, I have:

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Assessment #1

So how'd meeting #2 go with Val? Let's see. Since March 19 (that's 48 days), I have:

  • lowered my body fat percentage by 2.3%.
  • lost 5/8" off of each arm.
  • lost 1½" from my chest.
  • lost 2" from my waist.
  • lost 1½" from my hips.
  • lost 2" from my thighs.

Ok, so I technically gained a quarter of an inch on my calves, but it's so obviously muscle development that Val instructed me to ignore it.

I was summarily informed that these results are somewhere between spectacular and insane.

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Gym rules

In the world of the gym, there are rules. Rules, I say!

Pardon our cleaning spree

Hark! The mothership comes.

After laughing for ages at how Shauny refers to her mother as The Mothership, I feel the need to steal her reference for the next few days. For lo, the Mothership is preparing to wing her way from the Tulliverse to Huntsvegas, and the Huntsvegas natives may never be the same.