Things that make me happy

Susanna, the winner of the quilt contest, with her newly-arrived quilt top:

Shelves at last -- and future plans!

I had huge help this weekend from Crystal and Jacob. Because of Jeff's accident, I wasn't able to take my earned holidays for Christmas and New Year's, and since it was nearing the end of March, it was verging on use-or-lose status for them. I'd been babbling incessantly about doing a Great Shelving Project to anyone who would listen (and several people who politely wished I'd just shut up) and we finally got cracking on it. Of course, about halfway through, Jacob had an insight which totally changed the course of the project -- more on that insight after the photos.

My life in a single photo

John Wilson's photo pretty much sums me up right now:

scalpel of choice

I've been a bit remiss. I have been working on a quilt project but haven't been posting about it. I have been taking photos, though.


I did finally finish the top for 'Linus' but the only photo I have of it right now is a crappy fluorescent-lit shot:

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Did you get a quilt? I have a favor to ask...

If you've gotten a quilt from me, I have a favor to ask of you. I realized just now that I've had a flickr group set up for some time now -- -- but I haven't really TOLD anyone about it, thus totally defeating the purpose of having a group on flickr. It's devoted to one thing:

Action shots!

Does this media setup make my living room look fat?

So let's compare. The kitty tilework on the upper left side of each photo serves as a nice reference point for height in these two unequal photos.

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